Create A Road Map With Career Coaching
30 Minutes Could Change How You View Your Career

​​SoccerViza’s Career Development Coaching is designed to help you build a strong foundation that will assist you on the journey to take your career to the next level. We've received incredible feedback from our events, and players have communicated their desire to have more frequent and ongoing coaching as it relates to their careers. For any particular player, this might involve resumé and video-highlight updating, performance critiques, establishing connections with professional coaches and clubs, developing a strong mentality, season performance evaluation and much more.


Key Benefits Of Coaching

Learn To Understand The Industry: Get a clear understanding of the professional industry and what it takes to break in!


Create A Mindset For Success: Develop a rock solid mindset that will help you overcome some of the difficulty obstacles (politics, no contacts, etc) currently in your way.


Understand The Different Markets: What country's playing style best suits you? Where can you play? What are VISA laws in different countries? What are salaries like and how much can you actually make?


Learn To Network And How To Gain Contacts: Become a master at finding opportunities on your own. Learn how to speak to people to open doors for yourself.

Construct A Career Road Map: What is your end goal? Do you even know? Let's develop a roadmap that will give you the career you want in the sport!

Who Will You Be Coached By?

You will work directly with SoccerViza Founder/Director, Joe Funicello who offers his expertise in navigating the off-field hurdles that can provide just as much of a hassle to starting your career as on-field deficiencies. Whether it's constructing a road map, resumé construction, motivational tips, networking advice, or simply tips for how to make your new coach or teammates trust you, the Career Development Coaching service can provide a much-needed makeover for your professional game and demeanor. 

 Along with being the Director of SoccerViza, Joe's history does including being a head coach of Icelandic club IF Vestri at the professional coaching level, giving him accreditation for youth, college, semi-professional and full professional coaching at the team level. Combining this with his experience in playing and training in a professional environment, he has developed a curriculum for individual training sessions that maximizes a player's potential by utilizing a series of physical, technical, and tactical drills and lessons.


"Joe Funicello provided me with valuable advice, multiple opportunities to gain trials or contracts with professional teams, and the consultations I had helped me map out my future as a footballer."


St. Thomas Aquinas University

"What a blessing working with SoccerViza was, is and will continue to be. From greater understanding the logistics of the industry, to grow as a young man and player, SoccerViza has not only informed me of what to expect as a young aspiring professional athlete but also, they have pushed me to love to understand the game for what it truly is, cutthroat."



Southern California Seahorses (PDL)

"Joe took his time throughout many meetings teaching me the politics, the different markets, and all the ins and outs of the Soccer industry."


Missouri State University

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