Want To Be A Pro?

What Can You Expect From SoccerViza?


Becoming a professional soccer player is hassle-free for a select few, but it takes enormous time, effort, and luck for most others – even if you have incredible talent. 


SoccerViza believes the key to navigating the path successfully involves getting quality exposure to teams, coaches, and scouts at a worthwhile price. Ask yourself this question: If I’m currently without a team, or believe that I can play at a higher level, how can I showcase my talent given the contacts and financial resources I currently have? Ultimately, it is your job to seek out the good opportunities, and filter out the bad ones. 


What we’re here to do is guarantee that attending one of our events will offer both the quality and experience to be seen.

  • You will get proper attention from the coaches and scouts in attendance.

  • Our events will always have real coaches who are actively searching for players. 













The bottom line here is this: If you weren’t selected to the FC Barça or Manchester United Youth Academy from age 3, playing professional soccer doesn’t just ‘fall into your lap.’ It requires perseverance, financial sacrifice, and a level-headed mindset to steer yourself in the direction of opportunities that can benefit you. 

Not every trial or combine will go your way. Not every dollar you spend will be a worthy expense. Not every e-mail you write will be returned. Not every coach you impress will sign you. Not every agent you talk to will have your best interests in mind. Every day is a battle to achieve the dream you envision. SoccerViza will do everything we can to make that dream a reality.


No funny business from us... some other combine and showcase companies have ways of ‘faking’ success. If you’ve been to one of those events you know what we’re talking about.  

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