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SoccerViza FAQ's

What is SoccerViza?

SoccerViza was founded on a simple goal: Get talented footballers a chance to play in front of professional clubs, coaches and scouts so that they are given opportunities to pursue their dreams of playing at the highest level possible. We work very hard to build lasting relationships with players and coaches to help cultivate a healthy, thriving network for successful footballing careers - SoccerViza makes this happen.

Why are all your ID Camps held in Danbury, Connecticut?

The Danbury Sports Dome in Danbury, Connecticut is SoccerViza's Headquaters and home to all our events and even SoccerViza Football Club, which is our youth premier club. If you are serious about playing professionally you have to get in front of people. If no one knows who you are, how are you going to get to the next level?

What are the age requirements of a SoccerViza event?

We ask that for all events with professional coaches in attendance that you be 18 and over, but in certain circumstances may accept players as young as 16 with written permission from parent or guardian.

Does SoccerViza represent players as their agents?

We have licensed FIFA Player Agents on staff to assist in the smooth transition from prospective player to contracted professional. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our players and give them a platform to succeed. We do this by putting the player first and giving him or her the best opportunity they could ever have. We would hope that you would use our services, but you are free to choose whomever you like to represent you.

Events FAQ's

What is the breakdown of the registration cost? What am I paying for?

At SoccerViza we like to be very transparent with our players and future players. We understand this step can sometimes feel a bit scary to jump into, but we would like to say we are very upfront, friendly people who enjoy having conversations with our players. We encourage you to call us and speak with us further on this topic if you have any other questions or concerns, but here is the simple breakdown. You are paying for the registration fees to attend the event. All other arrangements (hotel, food, flight, etc) must be made by you.

What is the ID Camp?

The ID Camp is an affordable, two-day combine held in at our SoccerViza Headquaters at the Danbury Sports Dome in Danbury, CT before or during each transfer window. The way it works is that players attend the ID Camp and play in front of scouts, who evaluate their performance and select only the best players to go forward to the professional showcase trial. SoccerViza will invite the best 22 players selected from the ID Camps to participate in a 7-10 day professional showcase trial against the professional opposition in one of the countries (USA, Australia, Iceland, Finland, Costa Rica, Mexico and more…) that is filled with SoccerViza professional club contacts. The MVP (most valuable player) of each ID Camp will also receive an ALL EXPENSES PAID spot on the upcoming professional showcase trial trip.

What is the Free Combine?

The free combine is an elite, closed-door, three-day showcase event that is held in different regions around the United States and Canada each transfer window. The combine is three days long, and attended by professional scouts from SoccerViza's Network of clubs around the world. If you have been selected to play in the showcase, there will be no registration fee, and you will only be responsible for your travel and lodging. You must qualify for this combine by performing well in one of SoccerViza's ID camps, and being selected by the scouts there to play in the showcase.

How much time is there between ID Camps and the Showcase?

Each region will be wrapped up within six weeks at the most. ID Camps will be held week-to-week, and then there will be a minimum of three to four-week break until the Showcase trial trip, so that players have time to rest, recover, work on aspects of their game that need improvement, and focus on the next event.

How does the selection process work?

Players will have two-days to impress scouts in the regional ID Camps, and the selections will be made through the end of the week following the last day. The scouting staff will evaluate the pool of players through their notes and through video footage of the games, and the selected players will be notified accordingly.

When I arrive at the airport, how will I be transported to the hotel?

As our combine package does not include transportation, you will be required to sort out travel on your own terms.. Generally, the hotels we select are no more than an hour from the airport and within a half hour to the fields to simplify traveling as much as possible while participating at our events. Additionally, many of our players network together to carpool from the airport to their hotel as well as to fields.

Do I need a VISA to go on trial at your combines or showcases outside my country?

A VISA to travel to our events is not needed unless the country of your passport does not have an agreement with the country you are visiting. In the event that your origin country does require a VISA, you are responsible for taking the necessary steps to obtain one. SoccerViza cannot write letters of invitation or make requests on your behalf to governmental agencies. Our events are typically 3 to 10 days in length and because your stay is not extended beyond that, more than a simple tourist or temporary visitor VISA is not required. It’s basically like going on vacation. However, if you were to be selected by a club while participating at our event, you would then negotiate your work VISA requirements with your new club in their country. In this case, most clubs and colleges will handle this for you.

How many coaches come to a Men’s ID Camp in the USA?

SoccerViza's regional ID Camps will be evaluated by SoccerViza's coaching and scouting staff as well as outside scouts or coaches from the region, providing a balanced evaluation of players from multiple viewpoints and opinions of the game. This committee will select the players who perform well at the ID Camp in order to move on to the Elite Showcase Trial Trip.

How many coaches come to a Showcase Trial Trip?

We will have a minimum of 10 club coaches or professional club staff at every game of the Showcase Trial Trip. We look to make that the standard. We always encourage more coaches, but rest assured that the events remain very intimate and with the eyes of 10 coaches or more on you, you can bet your money you will not be overlooked over a 3 or 10 day period.

Your events sound great, but do players who attend really sign professional contracts?

Good question and we proudly and happily would like to say YES. Thus far we have had over 100 players go on trials with clubs after attending a SoccerViza event and there have been 35 signings for a professional contract in the last 3 years. We will regularly have coaches call us wanting to know when our next event will be because of our quality over quantity approach.

If a team is interested in me, what happens?

If a coach approaches the SoccerViza staff about you, we will notify you immediately and get you in touch with the coach to setup the trial. In most cases, the coach will request a trial with you and not an outright signing. Once the trial is set up, it is up to you to perform to be given the opportunity to sign a contract. In some of our success stories, players were signed on the spot at the event.

What should I bring to an event as far as equipment, clothes, and gear? Are there any requirements?

The field surface at the Danbury Sports Dome will be artificial turf. Regular, turf or indoor cleats are allowed at the Sports Dome. We always recommend all players should have at least a pair of firm ground boots and a pair of turfs or indoors. Shinguards are strongly recommended and SoccerViza will not be held liable for an injury incurred because of the non-use of shinguards. Running shoes are recommended, as well as a bag and enough clothes to last the length of the trip, which is of course left to your discretion.

When the event is done for the day, what is there to do?

You are free to explore the surrounding area or stay comfortably rested in your hotel room. It’s your trip, it’s your choice, but we do ask to please be safe and respectful of the people of the locale you are visiting.

What is the event refund policy?

Refund Policy

Refund of combine and showcase payments are at the discretion of SoccerViza and will be considered on a case by case basis that is directly connected to the cause of the cancellation.

1: Application Fees

The $250 application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and CAN NOT be transferred to a different combine.

2: Attendance Fees for Players Paid-In-Full

In general, no refunds of attendance fees that have been paid in full via credit, debit, cash, check, money order, or wire transfer will be automatically granted. Each request will be considered on an individual basis and subject to review by SoccerViza officers. There will be a GRADUATED refund rate which will govern those refund requests that are approved: Cancellations made up to ONE MONTH prior to a combine or showcase will be subject to a 25% cancellation and administration fee, and must receive written approval from a SoccerViza officer. Refunds requested within the ONE WEEK to ONE MONTH window prior to a combine or showcase will be subject to a 75% cancellation and administration fee, and must receive written approval from a SoccerViza officer. If a refund request occurs within SEVEN DAYS prior to a combine or showcase, there will be NO REFUND at any rate issued without written approval from a SoccerViza officer.

In certain scenarios subject to SoccerViza officers' approval, if a player notifies SoccerViza UP TO ONE WEEK prior to a combine or showcase that he cannot attend, that player may be given written permission from a SoccerViza officer to use existing attendance fee for a future combine NOT MORE than ONE YEAR later.

3: In Case of Injury to Player

If a player is injured at an event and is judged by our medical staff to be unable to play for more than one day, the player may attend a future SoccerViza combine or showcase for a discounted rate approved by a SoccerViza officer, IF the future combine or showcase is no more than one year out from the date of combine or showcase where injury occurred.

Flight FAQ's

How should I book my flight to a SoccerViza event?

While SoccerViza cannot arrange your travel details, we can of course answer any questions you may have about the process. The internet is an amazing source for flight bookings, but if you have any specific questions in this matter, please contact us.

When should I book my flight before a SoccerViza event?

Typically, SoccerViza will announce the event schedule well in advance to an upcoming event giving the player the chance to book a flight with the best possible price and availability. We would recommend you book as soon as you are confirmed a spot at the event you're looking to attend. Prices always fluctuate, but booking sooner than later is always the best way to go.

What if the event were to be cancelled, should I purchase flight insurance?

In the event that an event must be cancelled due to weather or any unforeseeable circumstances, we will not refund flight purchases per player. In this case flight insurance is a good way to protect yourself from this issue, especially when booking months in advance when weather can not be easily predicted. Our event director does everything he can to ensure events are held in safe climates depending on the location to ensure the event happens uninterrupted by weather or other conditions.

College Player FAQ's

Is SoccerViza NCAA compliant?

Yes, SoccerViza is compliant with the NCAA.

Will attending a SoccerViza event hurt my college eligibility?

No, not at all. The only way in which you will lose college athletics eligibility is if you were to sign a professional contract with a club team. You then will lose all college athletics eligibility.

Do you hold US college specific combines?

Right now we do not, however, we are constantly working to extend our network and build those relationships to give every type of player, whether it be a college prospective player to professional, the best chance for success by placing you in front of the audience you desire. Check in often to inquire about this as we are actively working to make this a large part of what SoccerViza offers.

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