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Jamal Gibbs and Sherrad Prezzie-Blue, childhood friends and now, Directors at BasketballViza, are looking to bring a new basketball culture to the area. With elite, challenging, and professional training, the vision is clear – make a positive impact within the youth and professional basketball world. 

Jamal Gibbs:

Gibbs was born and raised in Norwalk, CT. He began playing basketball for as long as he can remember playing his youth years with Biddy Basketball, YMCA Leagues, AAU and Brien McMahon High School – Class of 2004. Gibbs went on to play college basketball at Springfield College in Massachusetts. 

After College, Gibbs attempted to play professionally. 

“I attended many different professional combines all throughout the east coast,” said Gibbs. “I took place in individual and team workouts but in 2011, I tore my ACL. That was a setback for me trying to play competitively and professionally." 

Gibbs is now the Varsity Boys Basketball Team head coach at Weston High School. 

Sherrad Prezzie-Blue:

Prezzie-Blue, also a Norwalk native, grew up playing basketball for the Connecticut Flames and later, for his father’s AAU team - The Norwalk Blue Blazers. After graduating from McMahon (class of 2004), Prezzie-Blue went on to play collegiate basketball at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Massachusetts. 

While at Wentworth, Prezzie-Blue was honored into the Hall of Fame, broke school records, and won a championship throughout his time there. 

“After college, I went to Germany to play on a tour team,” said Prezzie-Blue. “Nothing came of that but then I got my first professional contract in England. I was in England playing professionally for many years and then played in Africa for a few months for a tournament as well.” 

“The level was good and you would often play against a high level of competition,” said Prezzie-Blue. 

Coaching alongside Gibbs, Prezzie-Blue is an assistant for the Varsity Boys Basketball Team at Weston High School.

Youth Basketball:

“We’re going to bring a new culture,” said Prezzie-Blue. “The life lessons and the fundamental skills that we bring basketball wise, are going to create a better environment for the players in terms of their approach to the game, mentality, and skill.”

“I’ve seen so many players play at the youth level through my experience coaching,” said Gibbs. “It makes sense to begin teaching players the fundamentals at a younger age because it's hard to break bad habits at an older age. This will cause the overall basketball experience in the area to be better.”

“We want to help young players that train with us make their travel teams and high school aged players make their high school teams or even a college team. Whatever a player's goal may be, we want them to achieve it," said Gibbs.

Professional Basketball:

“I’ve been to many basketball combines,” said Gibbs, “and I got to see good things and bad things as a player. With that being said, I think we can create an environment where we can get players an opportunity to get looked at overseas.”

“Growing the company is something that I want to do,” said Prezzie-Blue. “I learned so much throughout my professional experience and basketball in Europe is growing rapidly so there is definitely a window of opportunity for aspiring professionals.” 

“Persevering through obstacles such as coming from a small town and playing Division III with limited exposure, allowed me to sign my first contract. Therefore, I want to educate and give players the opportunity I never had," said Prezzie-Blue.

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