I’m really happy with SoccerViza and how they work. It was great to go see the players live. I don’t have to bring them here, I can go see them in training and games first. That’s really good, both for players and for teams. I think SoccerViza will connect players and teams more in the future, and I think many teams in Iceland will want to continue working with the company in the future.

Samuel Samuelsson, IF Vestri

I've had the opportunity to play together with Joe Funicello (SoccerViza Founder) at the professional level. He is a top class professional who has always believed that hard work can get you to achieve your goals and dreams. I know he will have the same mindset at the business level. 


His personality tends to bring out the best in people. I think he has done a tremendous job already with SoccerViza helping players realize that their dreams of becoming a professional soccer player can come true and are not that far away.


I recommended SoccerViza events to all players looking to reach the next level. Not only is it a great opportunity, but Joe also sharing his experience and knowledge with players is priceless.

Jonathan Borrajo, Professional Soccer Player

Joe (SoccerViza Founder) and I played together in Finland for VPS (Vaasan Palloseura). He was a great teammate, who always looked to lend a helping hand to the people around him. After hearing about SoccerViza, I feel Joe will lend the same helping hands to players looking to start their professional careers. I wish him and the company nothing but the best!

Edgar Bernhardt, Professional Soccer Player

I would like to thank SoccerViza for the opportunity to attend their Danbury, CT 2014 Combine event. I had the chance to experience a highly professional atmosphere and dedicated group of individuals working towards getting their event to be as successful as possible.

The SoccerViza event is an interesting addition for players to showcase their abilities on the field in their quest for a professional career in soccer. The main idea behind SoccerViza events is to give players a platform to showcase their talents, they execute this perfectly and it shows in their events.

It was a pleasure to watch enthusiastic players perform on the field and experience the level of quality the US-based players behold. Thank you for your hospitality and already looking forward to visiting again.

Kristján Gudmundsson, Professional Soccer Coach

I and three other coaches from Iceland spent three days at the SoccerViza event in Orlando last November. We had a great time and the organization of the event was excellent.


I was surprised us to see the quality of a lot of the players in attendance, they worked hard and did well in showing the coaches what they had to offer.


There's no question that a club like FH Hafnarfjordur football club will in the future use the services that SoccerViza has to offer.

Heimir Gudjonsson, Professional Soccer Coach

Coming out of a Division II school doesn't make it super easy to make a professional team, SoccerViza was a huge help to me, and I owe the world to them. They really helped me out in many different ways. If you are not a very high-profile player, SoccerViza can give you that edge that you may need to sign a professional contract.

Chris Tsonis, Professional Soccer Player

Joe (SoccerViza Founder) and I started talking in October last year (2012) and told me about Soccerviza. My experience with the company has been absolutely great. I think the concept of SoccerViza is really interesting and it can surely help players move forward in their careers.

I have already had two players come over to Iceland and train with my team (Mark Lavery and Chris Tsonis) and they both did really well for us. Chris Tsonis ended up signing with us! Joe has been absolutely great throughout the process and we would of not have been able to sign Chris if it wasn´t for him and SoccerViza. I will for sure look to SoccerViza in the future!

Donni Sigurdsson, Professional Soccer Coach

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