What Is BasketballViza

BasketballViza: An Opportunity To Play Professionally 


BasketballViza was started with the objective to provide a platform for hungry American basketball players to be seen by professional scouts from around the world. The USA is full of talented prospect with a dream to play professionally but lacks opportunity and exposure.


Our combines are structured for basketball players to showcase their talents in front of professional team personnel (coaches, scouts or general managers). Limited spots (90 players) at our events provide optimal exposure and the opportunity to secure a professional contract.


"The idea of BasketballViza came as a result of my professional journey. Persevering through obstacles such as coming from a small town, and playing Division 3 with limited exposure allowed me to sign my first contract. Therefore, I want to educate and give players the opportunity I never had."

- Sherrad Prezzie-Blue, Scouting Director


We have connections to a large network of coaches, clubs, directors, and agents that we have utilized in our existence to help place players all over the world. Our competitors will often take videos of their combine and allow players to send it out (good luck!). Alternatively, they may connect you with agents – but you still aren’t being exposed to the actual coaches involved in signing players. BasketballViza has built relationships with coaches and technical directors in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines, and China – and our network continues to grow with each passing week.



The BasketballViza staff, in team with the coaches and scouts in attendance, will provide players with coaching tips and advice for taking their game to the next level.

BasketballVIza LLC

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