Elite Basketball Training, Scouting & Environment For All Levels

BasketballViza Youth:

BasketballViza was created to provide an AAU-conflict-free elite basketball training outlet to aspiring basketball players of all ages.

Our mission is to create environments through our training programs and events that give youth basketball players around Fairfield County the opportunity to develop and reach their highest level of the sport. 

BasketballViza: An Opportunity To Play Professionally 


BasketballViza was started with the objective to provide a platform for hungry American basketball players to be seen by professional scouts from around the world. The USA is full of talented prospects with a dream to play professionally but lacks opportunity and exposure.


Our combines are structured for basketball players to showcase their talents in front of professional team personnel (coaches, scouts or general managers). Limited spots (90 players) at our events provide optimal exposure and the opportunity to secure a professional contract.

BasketballVIza LLC

Phone: +1 (203) 604 -1211

365 Martin Luther King Drive

Norwalk, CT